Obligatory first post

Hi, its me

Hello - and welcome to my new blog! I've created this page with 11ty, which is a very simple static site generator. Recently I've become tired of needing the JS bloat that comes with frameworks, and opted to use 11ty as a simplier solution.

I'd like to use this blog as a way to share a bit of my journey through tech, as well as whatever other random things end up on here.

I started working in the tech industry in 2018, but previously worked in a variety of places: coffee shops, bakeries, customer service and non-profit community organizing. I now work at Mozilla as a Web Developer in Marketing - working on website projects and other things that I can get involved with. Some of my favorite work has been in these projects:

I hope that this blog is something that I can dedicate some time to, both to record what I've been working on but also for some rants on the New York Mets.